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All fruit/vegetables/plants/plant products entering Tasmania must be accompanied by Approved Plant Health Documentation from the state of origin certifying that they meet the entry conditions for Tasmania (see Biosecurity Forms.)

Please note the import restrictions established to minimise the risk of Myrtle Rust entering Tasmania:

  • Myrtaceae - All species in the family Myrtaceae are currently prohibited entry to Tasmania (see Appendix 2.2 of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania), unless prospective importers have sought and been granted written approval to import by means of a Section 67 exemption under the Plant Quarantine Act 1997 via DPIPWE.
  • Nursery stock - If you are searching TBIRD for import requirements associated with a specific commodity, if that commodity is ‘Nursery Stock’ then Import Requirement 38 will apply in addition to the listed Import Requirements. Nursery stock means plants in soil-less potting media, bulbs, corms and rhizomes, and bare-rooted plants or cuttings, with or without leaves. It does not include plant tissue cultures, cut flowers, seeds or bagged or bulk potting media. Separate conditions and restrictions apply to those items. Prospective importers should consult other parts of this manual as relevant, or confirm conditions and restrictions with Biosecurity Tasmania.

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If you wish to seek a variation to an Import Requirement, please note there is a formal process of assessment for any such application. Please check these guidelines about that process.