Tasmania Online Import Requirements Tasmania

About TBIRD ( Tasmanian Biosecurity Import Requirements Database )

The various Import Requirements that apply in Tasmania are formally published in the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania (PQMTas ). TBIRD is an interactive facility designed to help people find the information they need from the PQMTas. TBIRD does not replace the PQMTas and, in the event of any inconsistency between TBIRD and the PQMTas, the latter prevails.

It is important to understand that all plants, plant products (ie fruit, vegetables, seeds/grain etc) and all vessels, machinery and equipment must comply with the general import requirements. Some must also comply with specific import requirements.

If your TBIRD search does not provide a result, it does NOT mean that the item can be imported without restriction.

Please bear in mind that it is not possible to put the name of every plant, plant product or piece of machinery/equipment into the TBIRD database. So, a TBIRD search that gets no result may simply mean that TBIRD does not recognise the name you have typed in. That is why, when you get no result, you are advised to contact Biosecurity Tasmania for the import requirement information.

For further information about import requirements please contact:

(03) 6165 3777
Email: Biosecurity.Tasmania@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

Or call 1800 084 881 for Emergency Plant Disease reporting.

Department switchboard: 1300 368 550 (Local call cost, Australia-wide)